Fertility Health Coach
I can honestly say that meeting Kristy was a pivotal point in my life!

After talking with Kristy for just 30 mins, I left feeling so charged, excited and motivated for the future…this lady actually understood me, could relate to me and gave me more solid advice in 30 minutes than I’d had from any doctor in the UK or Singapore in over 3 years!

Kristy has been through one hell of a fertility journey herself and so her advice and empathy are super genuine. She is so easy to talk to and I found myself easily opening up to her about my past and present lifestyle. Like many young girls, I was on the contraceptive pill for a long time and did not see my period return upon coming off the pill. I’m a Personal Trainer, ex marathon runner and triathlete, my lifestyle was exhausting but I did not realise the negative effects this was having on my fertility. I’d been actively trying to get pregnant for over 3 years before meeting Kristy and had given up hope of this happening naturally. I’d also tried and failed 2 rounds of IUI.

Talking to Kristy made me realise that the success of fertility treatments is not just down to luck or science, If I was willing to work on myself and make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes then I was far more likely to succeed. I stepped away from treatments for a 3-4- month period and worked with Kristy on improving myself. Her help and input was the motivation I needed and knowing she had succeeded in the same way really spurred me on!

I definitely felt healthier going in to my third round of IUI, I knew I had given it my best shot and felt great for it! …And this round was successful! I am now in my third trimester of a healthy pregnancy and cannot wait to meet my baby boy in a few months!!
- Anna, age 37

I started looking for answers when my husband and I had been trying for a baby for over 2 years. I had seen numerous doctors who gave no explanation for my lack of periods and subsequent infertility, so I was thrilled when I met Kristy.

We skyped initially and she asked me lots of questions about my background, what tests I had done etc. Kristy thought it was most likely hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) which I had never heard of. I thought that athletes and gymnasts didn’t get their period but I never in a million years thought this could be the reason for my infertility.

Kristy gave me clear advice which initially I was nervous to embrace as my life was about to change forever.  My life revolved around the gym, exercise, eating healthy and being thin. Her recommendation was to gain weight, cut out all exercise and change my lifestyle to reduce the perceived stress levels in my body. At the same time as doing this I was also doing ovulation induction with my doctor’s oversight. Kristy was there with me every step of the way. I felt like I could ask her any questions I had and she was extremely helpful.

After 4 months of further injectable rounds and some major changes to my lifestyle as directed by Kristy, I got pregnant! (something I was starting to lose hope on). I truly believe this would not have happened if it hadn’t been for Kristy’s knowledge, education and help in encouraging me to change my lifestyle.
- Becky, age 28

Before meeting Kristy I wasn't feeling good about my body. Despite working out regularly, I felt like I was never able to make the progress I wanted to see. Kristy was able to pinpoint my issues immediately and could explain in terms I could really relate to. It felt as though she was putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together and suddenly everything made sense.
I also wanted to stop taking birth control but I was scared of the hormonal imbalances I had experienced when not on the pill. 

Since starting with Kristy I've learnt what works best for my body:
- she has helped me to cut gluten and a vast amount of sugar from my diet which was affecting my digestion
- she has given me a fresh perspective on exercise which has made a dramatic difference to my posture and body tone
- she has also helped me in my wish to come off the contraception pill. In doing so she has taught me how to monitor my natural cycle and be aware of changes throughout the month

I feel like Kristy has revived me! She gave me so much more than I was ever expecting to get out of our sessions together and made me aware of things that I didn't even know we're an issue. I can't recommend her highly enough and will forever be grateful for her support and guidance.
- Michelle, age 30

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